Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Securequest utilizes advanced AI technology to analyze and extract context from the source documents you upload. When you receive a new security questionnaire, you can upload or paste the questions into our system. Securequest then uses this context from the source documents to generate relevant answers. You're always in control, as you can modify, edit, or type new responses before finalizing and saving the completed security questionnaire.

Is Securequest actually secure?

Absolutely. At Securequest, security is our utmost priority. All of the data is stored securely on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is SOC II compliant. This means that AWS has been vetted for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data. Additionally, we've implemented stringent protocols to ensure data is protected from unauthorized access. If you'd like more info on how we handle security, please feel free to reach out to us at

What type of data is stored and where?

Securequest stores source documents you provide, which can include policies, completed security reviews, internal wikis, public facing knowledge pages, and more. All this data is securely stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud service provider renowned for its high-security standards.

What AI models does Securequest use?

Securequest employs OpenAI's GPT 3.5-16k model. This model is designed to understand context, extract relevant information, and generate coherent and accurate responses based on the source documents provided. However, we are always focused on creating the best experience for our users, especially as the AI scene constantly changes. We may switch or allow users to try additional models in the future.

Can I delete my data?

Yes, you can. Securequest provides you with full control over your data. Whether it's an individual source document, a completed questionnaire, or even your entire account, you can choose to delete it at any time. Upon deletion, all associated data is erased immediately.

How do you ensure my data can't be viewed by others?

All user data in Securequest is logically separated. This means that each user's data is isolated and cannot be accessed or viewed by other users. Our strict access controls and design architecture ensure that your data remains confidential and accessible only by you.

Is my data used to train AI models?

No, your data is never used to train AI models. At Securequest, we respect the privacy and confidentiality of your data. The AI models simply utilize the context from the source documents you provide to generate responses, but do not retain or use this data for training purposes.

How long is my data retained by Securequest?

Your data is retained by Securequest only as long as you have an active account with us. If you choose to delete a document, questionnaire, or even your entire account, the data is erased immediately and not stored or backed up.

Are there any third-party integrations or data sharing involved?

No, Securequest does not share your data with any third parties. The information you provide is used exclusively by Securequest to deliver the service to you.

How can I be sure that Securequest's AI-generated answers are accurate?

While Securequest's AI is advanced and designed to provide accurate responses, we always recommend users to review the generated answers. The AI bases its answers on the context from the source documents, so ensuring those documents are up-to-date and comprehensive can help in achieving more accurate results. However, always validate and modify the answers as needed to ensure they meet your specific requirements.

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